Common Attic Exhaust Mistakes

Your attic exhaust system is an integral part of your roof’s home. It is often an overlooked component by homeowners. The system should consist of a way for fresh air to enter your home near the soffits or fascia and exit your home near its peak. Attic ventilation allows fresh air to enter your home while providing an escape path for hot moist air. Builders make any mistakes when planning and installing the attic exhaust, but you will want to keep a special eye out for these common attic exhaust mistakes.

Not Keeping the Airflow Balanced

The amount of fresh air that comes into the attic through the soffits or fascia vents should be equal to the amount of air that the ridge vents pull out of the home. When they are unbalanced, then moisture can build up in the attic. Additionally, it can cost more to heat and air condition your home. If you cannot balance them precisely, then the ridge vent should be slightly bigger.

Not Checking Existing Vents

Often the soffit or fascia vents are not replaced when roofers install a new roof on the home. At the very least, the roofer needs to check these vents, even if it is a service that they do not provide. Then, they need to inform the homeowner of their findings. Dirt, debris, paint, and insulation can all get into these vents, preventing them from operating correctly.

Short-circuit the Attic’s Ventilation

When you consider attic ventilation, installing more types of vents can be detrimental to removing moisture in the winter and air circulation during the summer. While you can use various types of intake vents, it is essential to consider how you want to air to circulate to produce maximum results. In most cases, you should not combine ridge vents, roof louvers, wind turbines, roof louvers, roof-mount power fans, gable louvers, and gable-mount power fans.

Ignoring Attic Bypasses

An attic bypass is any area on the interior of the home that letting conditioned air into the attic. Attic bypasses can cause uneven snow melt because the roof deck is not the same temperature overall. Attic bypasses can cause ice dams. Furthermore, attic bypass can increase condensation in the attic. There are many different areas where attic bypasses can occur, including recessed lighting, electrical and plumbing pipes, attic access doors, and drywall joints.

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