Warning Signs It Is Time For A Roof Replacement

It is not usually very easy to tell when the roof needs replacement. One can easily deduce a car needs to be replaced when it keeps breaking down. The same goes for a cloth – a worn out cloth that doesn’t fit is a clear pointer for a replacement.

The signs that a roof needs replacement are not usually readily available. That is why we thought to spell out some common signs to watch out for. This way, you will not have to wait until your roof collapse before calling for a replacement.

1. Curled or Buckled Shingles

A roof with a buckled or curled shingle is a clear pointer that you have an old roof. At times, buckled shingles come up due to moisture in the attic space. This forces the nail out of the attic decking.

Leaving this unattended to could cause your shingles to blow off during a storm. It could also leave your home exposed to unwanted elements.

2. Molds and Moistures

If you have a poorly ventilated attic, warm moist air could rise and be trapped in the attic. This could trigger condensation beneath the roof which makes the nail rust and triggers the growth of mold. Roofers in Westbury, NY warn that leaving this condition for too long could spoil the whole roof, meaning you will have to invest in new roofs.

Asides, mildews and molds are a risk to the health. Thus, the roof needs proper ventilation to protect the health of the family members.

3. Attic and Outdoor temperature Differs

Normally, the attic temperature should be in the same range as the outdoor temperature. The roofers in Westbury, NY reveal that this is so because the attic should have enough ventilation that maintains airflow in and out.

Adequate ventilation is essential to guard against the formation of ice dams. Ice dams could form if the attic is warmer than the atmosphere. Peeling of external paint and blistering are other signs of poor attic ventilation.

There should be a ridge vent for the roof to get rid of excess moisture and heat.

4. Terribly High Energy Bills

When you have excessively high cooling and heating bills, it could be as a result of energy getting out due to improper insulation and ventilation in the home. Thus, a faulty roof could be because your roof is misbehaving

5. The Roof looks Bad from the Street

If your house looks unattractive from the street, it might be time to change your roof. A bad roof can downgrade the curb appeal of your home. This could lower the market value of your house if you desire to sell your house. Asides, the roofing contractors in Westbury NY advise one to stand in the street and check for areas of disrepair or worn out areas.

If you think your roof needs replacement, you can give roofing contractors in Westbury NY a call. You will get a free roof inspection service. Asides, you can trust them to do a professional service in replacing your roof at a reasonable charge