Roof Collapse: Common Signs and Prevention Tips

A roof collapse is a major problem as the damage not only affects the house but the rest of the home. There might be injuries to occupants and damage to properties in most cases. The risk that accompanies a collapsed roof is really much.

As a result, it is very important to be able to detect the early signs of a roof that is about to go down. Since one is not a trained roofer, it might be difficult to spot the signs. That is why we have taken the time to compile some simple signs that point to a failing roof structure.

Not only are we going to show you the signs, we will discuss the necessary tips to help prevent the eventual collapse of your roof.

Slight breakages in the ceiling or Walls

Cracks or slight breakages in the ceiling or walls could point to a number of issues. One of the causes of ceiling and wall cracks is roof problems. When the roof is unable to support itself, the pressure is seen on the adjourning structure like the ceiling and wall which causes cracks. On sighting these cracks, one needs to contact a roofing service to take care of the issue.

Clear Sagging of the Supporting Structure

While one might not be skilled to access the support structure, one can view it from the outside. A sagging structure will make the line of the roof appear a little bow as a result of strain on it. According to the roofers in Westbury NY, any sign of sagging, no matter how little calls for the services of a roofing company to prevent total collapse.

Cases of Leaks

Most leaks are as a result of faulty roofs. Some leaks also occur as a result of cracks caused by pressure from the roof. Thus, you might want to check out your roof should there be leaks in your home.

Tips To Maintain A Roof To Prevent Roof Collapse

The best form of maintenance for a roof is to have a roofing company check it out. The roofing contractors in Westbury, NY, however, admits that there are simple tasks one can do to make the roof last longer. This could help prevent collapse and damage. We highlight some of them below:

  • At least once a week, get rid of loose dirt, leaves, branches, nests, and debris from the roof.
  • Access the inner ceiling for stains.
  • Search for any loose, damage or lost shingles on the roof.
  • Get rid of mold or moss thriving on the shingles
  • Check for dark spots on the roofs. This is a pointer to the growth of deadly bacteria
  • The services of trained roofing contractors in Westbury, NY or any part of the county could be essential

We, however, do not advise getting up on the roof yourself. Rather, one could have periodic maintenance service with expert roofers in Westbury, NY. They have highly trained technicians to access your roof and perform detailed integrity test on it. They will tell you if all is well, and what you have to do to prolong the life of your roof.