How to Protect Your Roof When Putting Up Holiday Lights

Thanksgiving just passed, and we are only a few days to Christmas and the New Year so, the holiday season is here. This is the time when different holiday decorations will go up in different parts of the home from the hallways to the roof. Before you would, however, start hanging lights and other decorations on your rooftop, you need to be prepared. Failing to prepare to plan before decorating your roof could cost you a lot of money in repairs. So, MJA Home Improvements, a leading roofing contractor in Westbury, NY will walk you through some essential tips for protecting your roof when putting up those decorative lights. You deserve to enjoy the holidays without incident or unnecessary roof repair expenses.

1. Call a roofing contractor first

Before putting up those decorations on your roof, first off, call a roofing contractor in Westbury, NY to carry out an intensive inspection of your roof. This is to check if there are any damages in the roof. If your roof is damaged in any way, it could pose a lot of problems which may not be safe even for you. Repair any damages first before decorating.

2. Untangle all cords and check the lights

Check the lights and their connecting cords to see if there are no signs of impairment, breakages or defects. Loosen all tangled cords so you can properly check. This is important because if any of the cables or lights are damaged, it could be dangerous to your roof, yourself and anybody inside the house.

3. Get the appropriate decoration accessories

You do not want to use decoration accessories or tools that may hurt your roof or disfigure it like staple guns. Accessories like plastic clips will not stick to your roof or damage it, and they can be used to attach lights to your roof. The good thing about these types of accessories is that when the holiday season is over, removing the decorations without causing any dents to your roof will be easier.

4. Do not walk on the roof.

To be safe and to keep your roof safe, avoid walking on your roof except t is necessary. When decorating your roof, do not attempt to walk on it. If possible, avoid using any decoration concept that may require you to walk on the roof.

Are you planning to put up holiday decorations on your roof and you have no idea how to go about it? Contact us at MJA Home Improvements for the best roofing contractors in Westbury, NY who will help you carry out a roof inspection, fix any damages and give you pointers on what to do and what not to do. Put a call through to us today for more information or send us an email.