Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Roof Maintenance

If you think about how much you spent on your new roof and how much it would cost you to repair it if it gets damaged, you will understand why roofers in Westbury NY always advise that you pay attention to roof maintenance well before there is a need for extensive repairs. There are many simple and easy things you can do to save money on roof repairs and still get your roof in shape all year round.

Follow these easy tips and you will reap a long return on your roof investment today:

1. Regular roof inspections

You can do this yourself using a ladder or you hire roofers in Westbury NY to do inspect your roof for you. This involves making sure that there is nothing accumulating on the roof or gutter. Check also so growth of algae or fungi, missing or cracked shingles, signs that animals are spending a lot of time on your roof and other things. It is also good to check the attic and surrounding for shingle pieces.

2. Clear debris regularly

Small sticks, leaves and animal remains form the beginning of fungal and algae growth that can damage your roof. You should use a rake to remove any piled-up materials from your roof often to prevent the wood in your roof from being susceptible to damage and rotting. This can be done using a telescopic pole or rake.

3. Check joints, seals and angles

One of the most common sources of leaks in a roof at the joints and seals. These should be your main target when checking for damage. Look at flashing covers, vents, chimney and points of connections to be sure that there are no leaks on your roof. If you also spot things like punctures, damage or loose sealant, contact a roofer in Westbury NY to help you do a quick repair before it gets any worse.

4. Big leaks start from small leaks

If you notice any moisture around your attic, call a roofer immediately to look at it. The moisture could cause damage to your attic insulation and cause mold and mildew. These leads to poor air quality in your home and increased energy bills for you. Don’t let small leaks turn to big ones.

5. Avoid walking on the roof

Your roof is not built for regular activities so you should do your best to avoid walking on the roof. This could easily break or crack your shingles and cause damages that could cost you thousands to repair. If there is ever any need to go something on your roof, have a professional on ground who is experienced in walking along the structurally sound areas of the roof and avoid unnecessary damage to your property.

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