Does Roofing Affect The Value of Your Home?

Are you thinking of changing the roof of your home? Is it damaged or you simply want to change how your home looks? Even though installing a new roof is a major project on its own, you, as a homeowner stand to benefit in every way. Installing a new roof helps improve the value of your home and its resale value increases as well. Roofers in Westbury, NY can help with professional roof installation and if you need reasons to put a new roof on your home, highlighted below, are five reasons.

1. To make your home look better.

Whether you’re the roof is damaged, or you are looking to upgrade, installing a new roof surely helps to enhance your home’s curb appeal. You can upgrade to more modern roofing materials and designs to make your home be in the same league with modern homes.

2. Modern roofing conserve energy

Installing new and modern roofing makes your home more energy efficient, and your utility bills will be reduced. New shingles reflect solar heat which makes them more energy efficient and keep your home cool on hot days.

3. You can get a new warranty on your roof

Installing a new roof means you will be getting a new and more extended warranty than what you had on your previous roof. The warranty on a new roof could last for up to 50 years although various environmental factors can affect the overall lifespan of your roof. Get in touch with roofers in Westbury, NY to know more about roofs and roofing warranties.

4. You do not have to worry during inspections

When you install a new roof, you will be rest assured that your roof will pass any inspection that you carry out on it if you ever decide to sell your property. If your roof is damaged or not properly maintained, a sale might fall through. So, if you have it in mind to sell your home in the future, changing the roof is a way to ensure the sale.

5. Increases the worth of your home

A new roof gives your home a higher resale value than its original value. When you change your roof, your home’s worth is potentially increased by an estimated $12,000, and that is a big deal for any homeowner.

Protect your home which is your investment with regular maintenance and upgrades where necessary, including new roof installation. Speak to a roofer in Westbury, NY for estimates and the options that you have. Do you need to fix your roof or replace it and you need the best hands to get it done? Get in touch with the professional roofers in Westbury, NY at MJA Home Improvements. Put a call through today, and we will provide you with free estimates and more information.