Butterfly Roof Design

Are you from New York, USA? More importantly, do you like unique roofing designs that blend beautifully with nature? Then, you need to know about the type of roofing design, known as the butterfly roof.

In this article, you will be learning more about the butterfly roof as a type of roofing design; you will also be learning more about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the butterfly roof design.

For a long time, roofers in Westbury, New York has known a lot of things about intricate roofing designs. And this article is a summary of a detailed explanation by one of the roofers in Westbury, New York.

Butterfly roof, like the name implies, is a V-shaped roof. The midsection of the roof is angled downward. That is where the two parts of the roof meet into a valley, With the two farthest edges being the highest points of the building. Thus, water is collected at the lowest point of the roof, that is the valley and then drained through an end of the valley that is slightly tilted lower than the other end.

It is a type of roof that is often recommended by the roofers in Westbury, New York, due to its ecologically friendly and beautiful home design.

What Are The Advantages Of The Butterfly Roof Design

One of the advantages and the beauty of the butterfly roof is that the upper angle of the outer edges gives room for the use of larger windows. This, in turn, gives more natural light to the home.

Another reason why the roofers in Westbury, New York, often recommend the use of butterfly roof in homes is that it helps to maximize water collection, as the midsection of the butterfly roof helps with that.

Lastly, the butterfly roof allows for the easy incorporation of things, such as PV solar panels, systems for water collection, and natural light.

It is, however, true that all good things come with a bag pack of disadvantages, peculiar to them.

The butterfly roof is not an exception to this rule. Let us see some of the disadvantages of opting for the butterfly roof.

Disadvantages Of The Butterfly Roof

One of the significant drawbacks of choosing the butterfly roof above other roof types is that the design is complex. Complexities, as we know, come with more expenses. In this case, it is expensive to install and maintain.

A second disadvantage of the butterfly roof, noted by one of the roofers in Westbury, New York, is that the roof’s drainage system can easily get clogged, causing water to leak.

The pillar weakens, and in rare cases, it can lead to the collapse of the roof. Due to its open design, the use of tall windows often makes It challenging to regulate the temperature throughout the home. Some areas might be warmer than other regions in the house.

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