5 Reasons why insulated windows are better

The advantages that an insulated windows offers trumps the offerings of those that are not insulated. One could use an insulated window for a number of choices ranging from security to cost and energy efficiency. Insulated windows are different from the ordinary windows in the sense that the former has multiple layers of glass and offers more strength. There are also structure differences in the sense that the Insulated glasses have a ¼ to ½ inch spacing between panes. This space is filled with air or glass and is designed such that it is heat impenetrable. The materials framing the insulated windows such as fiberglass and vinyl are also naturally better insulators than the common Aluminium frames around the uninsulated glasses. Here are 5 solid reasons why to get an insulated window installation in Long Island, New York:

1. Energy efficiency

Insulated windows increase your home’s energy efficiency. These windows are highly effective in ensuring that the indoor temperature is balanced and also makes sure the outdoor temperature stays out. Insulated windows can also reduce the utility bills from heating and cooling systems by decreasing heat loss up to 4 times the capacity of ordinary windows. People with Insulated glass systems will testify to a reduction in bills as their HVAC is saddled with lesser responsibility of maintaining indoor temperatures and may even record up to 24% reduction in power bills.

2. Reduces Condensation

Insulated windows shield the air gap between the inside and outside panes, thereby significantly reducing the effect and conditions that can lead to the development of condensation on your windows. Insulated windows have a higher R-value and lower U-value than windows that are not insulated and its presence in your home will also protect against of cold.

3. Security and Durability

Glasses that are insulated have better strength and are considerably stronger than ordinary glasses. The feature consequently means that these type of glasses will offer more security and durability. In the case of hits and shocks, there is a higher tendency of insulated glasses to not break. This can be a plus as your windows will be able to stand up to extreme weather that cause casual windows to crack or break.

4. Noise Reduction

Due to the presence of multiple layers of glass, Insulated windows are highly effective in reducing the amount of sound and noise that gets into your home. The thick and tightly packed layers of gas help to stop the vibration and travelling of sound waves.

5. Aesthetic designs and Material selection

When purchasing insulated glasses, you can talk to your professional that will do the window installation in Long Island, New York about choosing an attractive material for the windows. You are afforded to choose from a number of designs that compliment your home with popular choices including Fibreglass, Wood and Vinyl finishes.

Final word

If you have been having challenges with your heat and energy efficiency due to the use of uninsulated windows, it may be time to consider a window installation in Long Island, New York. Finally, do ensure that you speak to a professional before making any choices.