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How to Protect Your Roof When Putting Up Holiday Lights

Information is vital in every sphere of human endeavor. Many common mistakes that home owners make are as a result of lack of adequate information and exposure. This article is structured to educate homeowners on how to elongate the lifespan of their roof by avoiding some unknown mistakes.

Roofing Contractors in Westbury NY are also in good position to tell you the dos and don’ts of your roofing installations. There are some things we do that is damaging to our roofing system, most times homeowners are not aware of the damaging consequence of their actions. To help put an end to such mistakes, this article deals with the five roof mistakes that all home owners should avoid forthwith.

Over-insulating your Home

Of course, over-insulation is one of the mistakes that should be avoided. When you use too much insulation for your roof, it will hinder proper ventilation. Too much insulation is not appropriate if the home has an attic. When the roof is over-insulated, mold begins to grow.

Pressure washing your roof

Yes, it is good to keep you roof clean but you doing it the wrong way will defeat your aim of getting your roof cleaned as you damage the roof rather than cleaning it. A better way of cleaning your roof is by using a hose. Roofing contractors in Westbury NY Know the right way to get your roof cleaned.

Lack of regular Inspection

Nearly every home owner is guilty of this. Some does not even see the need to get their roof checked. They think once the roof is installed by the professional Roofing contractors in Westbury NY, the roof does not need to be check. In fact, regular roof inspection should start once the roof is installed. Regular inspection will help you detect fault before it degenerates into a money-gulping problem. Therefore, it is essential you take time to inspect your roof and report your findings to the roofing contractors in Westbury NY.

Leaving the Attic unchecked

Another mistake people make is leaving the attic unchecked. Checking the outside of your home alone is not enough, you need to check the attic to know the condition of your roof. Leaving the attic unchecked is dangerous because you might be missing out on some vital signs that your roof indicates that your roof needs urgent replacement. It is therefore important to check your attic on regular basis for signs of mold growth as well as excessive humidity. If you notice any of these signs and you don’t know what to do, it is advisable you seek professional services by contacting trusted roofing contractors in Westbury NY.

Nailing New Shingles over the Old Ones

Re-roofing over shingles is also a common mistake people are making. The practice of Nailing a new shingle over the old ones should be stopped as it affects the roofing adversely. For proper seal, the old shingles should be removed before nailing the new one. The roofing contractors in Westbury NY will help you in this regard.